Update from SBI GroupTuesday 4th October 2022

SBI received notification from the EPA yesterday that following the submitted response to the Notice of Intent on 13 September, they have decided to suspend the site’s landfill operating license.

This means both landfilling activities and the waste transfer station onsite are now closed.

Whilst extremely disappointed with the decision, SBI continue to liaise closely with the EPA to address current issues, including preparing responses to the outstanding improvement notices.

Update from SBI GroupFriday 30th September 2022

As part of ongoing works to calibrate and maximize performance of the landfill gas extraction system, additional wells will be drilled into the landfill cell to increase efficiency and capacity of the system.

This will be undertaken during the week commencing Monday 3 October 2022. Nearby residents may notice additional odour from the landfill during business hours.

Once complete these works will improve the performance of the landfill gas collection system, and management of landfill odour. 

Update from SBI GroupFriday 16th September 2022

With the onsite landfill gas extraction system now installed and operating, SBI have recommenced landfilling activities onsite this week.

Update from SBI GroupThursday 15th September 2022

The new flare for the onsite landfill gas extraction system was installed on Tuesday 13th September. This means the landfill gas extraction system can start drawing out and burning off (flaring) odourous landfill gas before it enters the atmosphere.

A team of technicians are onsite busy calibrating and balancing the flare to ensure it performs at optimal efficiency. This will be continually monitored and adjusted over the coming days.

Update from SBI GroupTuesday 30th August 2022

Reminder – there will be a community session run by EPA this afternoon (Tuesday 30 August, 4.30pm-6pm) focused on the regulatory response to the odour issue at the Mayone-Bulluk Family and Community Centre 66 Bradman Drive, Cranbourne West. Given the focus on regulatory response, EPA have not requested SBI attend this event.

Update from SBI GroupMonday 29th August 2022

Following a site inspection by EPA late last week and compliance with the appointment of an onsite environmental manager, EPA have now lifted the prohibition notice that was in place, meaning the site can now recommence accepting landfill.

SBI remain focused on improving odour conditions onsite, and therefore will not reopen the facility until we have undertaken further works planned for this week.

Trialing and testing of the landfill gas extraction system continues. While this work is underway, SBI are working to obtain the necessary approvals for the gas flaring system to ensure it is up and running as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the community for your ongoing patience.

If you have any questions about the installed landfill gas extraction system, please contact info@sbigroup.com.au or browse our FAQ’s.

Update from SBI GroupFriday 12th August 2022

On Wednesday 10 August, 2022 SBI received a prohibition notice from EPA preventing the landfill from accepting further waste onsite. The landfill remains closed and the transfer station is not in operation.

In addition to the specialists engaged to install the landfill gas extraction system, SBI has appointed a full time qualified Environmental Manager specialising in landfills, as required in the notice.

Installation of a new landfill gas extraction system was completed last week, allowing for testing to be undertaken this week. Preliminary results indicate that flaring is likely to be the most effective means to address the odour. Currently, SBI are working to obtain all necessary permitting approvals to activate use of a flare.

We apologise to the Cranbourne community and are committed to resolving this issue as quickly as possible.

Update from SBI GroupWednesday 3rd August 2022

The framework for the new landfill gas extraction system has now been installed and system testing will commence on Thursday 4 August and Friday 5 August.

The process of testing could possibly release some odour into the atmosphere.

Testing will be undertaken in the middle of the day when weather conditions are optimal for dispersion, however surrounding communities may experience some odour.

Update from SBI GroupTuesday 2nd August 2022

Works continue onsite to install the new landfill gas extraction and treatment system, with the final wells for this system being drilled this week.

These works have generated some additional odour in surrounding communities in recent days.

Once installed, the system will be tested and calibrated before being commissioned.

Thank you to everyone we spoke to on Friday and Saturday at the community information sessions. We have collated all questions received and have published answers to each here.

Nominations for the Community Consultative Committee close on Friday 5 August. If you would like a nomination form please email info@sbigroup.com.au.

We hope to hold the first meeting as soon as possible.

Update from SBI GroupFriday 22nd July 2022

Experts will be onsite at SBI Landfill from next week installing additional systems to capture, extract, and treat odour generated onsite. This work involves drilling gas wells into the existing landfill.

SBI will deploy onsite odour suppressants and works will be timed to minimize the potential for odour impacts on the community, however surrounding communities may detect increased odour from the landfill between Monday 25 July and Wednesday 3 August while these works are underway.

These improvements to the onsite landfill gas extraction system are needed to meet the requirements of the Environment Protection Authority’s Improvement Notice.

Update from SBI GroupThursday 21st July 2022

We have now concluded trucking the stagnant water offsite. Suction trucks continue to actively remove excess storm water to prevent any further pooling.

We are also undertaking further measures to improve onsite landfill gas management. This process includes implementing additional systems to capture, extract, and treat odour via our onsite gas collection systems.

We have engaged experts to provide system recommendations and will make the necessary changes to address the Environment Protection Authority’s Improvement Notice. We will provide further information as we progress with this process. 

Expressions of Interest now open for Community Consultative Committee

Going forward, SBI are planning to re-form a Community Consultative Committee providing a forum for discussion between the community, SBI and other stakeholders on issues relating to the landfill’s operations, and to act as a conduit to keep the community informed of activities at the landfill. 

If you would like to nominate yourself for this Committee, please email info@sbigroup.com.au by 5pm Friday 5 August.

Update from SBI GroupMonday 11th July 2022

SBI continues work to address odour issues at the landfill site in Cranbourne.

Trucking of stagnant water offsite has been ongoing and should be concluded this week.

Neutralising agents are being applied to the water and air in the immediate area while these works are underway.

The combination of these activities should result in the dissipation of odour in the coming days. 

We are in close contact with and continue to comply with all directions of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

We thank the community for reporting odour to EPA as this data, along with weather and onsite monitoring, are assisting with our understanding of the impacts to our local communities.

We sincerely apologise to our neighbours for the inconvenience this has caused. SBI has been part of the local community for over 30 years – we are employing all mitigations to address the issue and will not rest until it is fully resolved.

Update from SBI GroupThursday 7th July 2022

Progress has been made on the removal of stagnant water which has been the source of recent odour we have been working diligently to address.

Thank you to the community that has reached out to us and provided feedback. Based on these recent queries we have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions addressing the odour and the processes we have undertaken to resolve it.

SBI Landfill Cranbourne  – Frequently Asked Questions

What does SBI do?

SBI Group Cranbourne operates a solid inert waste landfill licensed to accept waste that cannot be further recycled including construction, demolition, commercial and industrial wastes.

How is this inert waste managed?

Waste is placed in purposefully engineered cells that are created meeting the Best Practice Environmental Management standards required by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

To ensure waste stays in place, daily cover is applied and compacted using heavy machinery. Any liquid generated from the waste is captured, pumped to a holding tank and transported off site.

What has happened to cause the odour at the SBI landfill?

Unfortunately SBI Group’s Cranbourne landfill has been releasing increased odour in recent weeks, which escalated late last week.

A pool of water had collected and remained stagnant after a high amount of rainfall. This water would normally have migrated into the dedicated groundwater collection system, however due to the high amount of rainfall the system was overrun with silt and did not allow the water to escape.

What is being done to resolve the issue?

SBI Group have been working tirelessly to resolve the issue. We are in close contact with the EPA as we work to address this issue.

A range of measures deployed onsite to treat, remove and mitigate the odour over a number of days have been implemented and unfortunately have been unsuccessful in completely removing odour.

In order to expedite removal of the odour, we have been trucking the stagnant water offsite since last Friday afternoon, and hope to complete this operation in the next week.

While this process is underway we are applying additional measures including:

  • The application of a neutralising spray to help mitigate odour in the immediate area 
  •  An odour neutralising solution is being added to the remaining stagnant water while we continue to remove it from site.

Why am I still smelling the odour?

Though measures to remove the source of odour have been successful, unfortunately due to limited wind and the presence of temperature inversions overnight, remnant odour has continued to impact surrounding communities.   

How long will this last?

With the odour source being removed from site, we expect that with changed weather conditions the issue will significantly dissipate in the coming days.

We sincerely apologise to our neighbours for the inconvenience this has caused.

Statement from SBI GroupTuesday 5th July 2022

Unfortunately SBI Group’s Cranbourne landfill has been releasing increased odour in recent weeks, which has escalated late last week.

The recent odour issue has been caused by stagnant water generated from a water pond in the former quarry void onsite. Due to prevailing winds this has had particular impact on neighbouring communities.

We have been working closely with the EPA to resolve this issue, but unfortunately attempts to treat the water onsite have been unsuccessful, and as a result we have been trucking this stagnant water offsite since Friday afternoon.

This along with a number of other efforts has assisted to reduce the odour, however air inversions overnight has meant nearby communities are still experiencing odour.

We sincerely apologise to our neighbours for the inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your patience while we address this issue.