Update from SBI Group – Monday 27th November 2023

SBI report that on Friday, 25th November 2023, at approximately 10pm, our waste handling bulldozer, which was parked outside our onsite workshop, was set on fire. Emergency services attended the scene, after SBI staff became aware of the incident on Saturday morning, 26th November 2023 and secured the scene. Evidence recorded by police clearly indicates the cause to be that of arson and investigations continue. EPA attended site, and sighted the cleared and made-safe scene, after SBI enacted measures to ensure that there was no increased risk to human health and the environment from this incident. SBI report damage was confined to assets only and will provide community updates as information comes to light.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 3rd November 2023

SBI would like to update the community of the fire that broke out at approximately 10:00pm Thursday, 2 November 2023 in our EPA permitted Waste Resource and Recovery Facility (ie. Transfer Station). Our onsite caretaker had immediately contacted emergency services. Fire Rescue Victoria were onsite within 15 minutes of the call and the fire was under control shortly thereafter, given the minimal amount of stockpiled non-recyclable material leftover when the transfer station was closed for the day. EPA and Police officers also attended the scene. Police investigations are continuing however, investigators advised that their preliminary assessment of the cause points to arson. SBI managers were in attendance within 5 minutes of the alarm being raised and remained onsite until handover of the scene from Fire Rescue Victoria to SBI was signed off. SBI are undertaking all practical measures to ensure there is no risk to human health and the environment as a result of this incident.

Update from SBI Group – Wednesday 12th July 2023

SBI continue to sample, monitor and report in accordance with the EPA-auditor verified Risk Management & Monitoring Program.  Engagement and collaboration with EPA continue, with intermittent onsite inspections.  SBI acknowledge “reporting fatigue” and still encourage the community to report offsite odour impacts believed to be generated from our site, as this continues to inform the efficacy of our current LFG management protocol.

Update from SBI Group – Monday 3rd July 2023

The landfill gas management protocol continues to dictate the operation of the flare in line with optimal dispersion conditions.  Focus on the site revolves around maintenance of on and off-site infrastructure through the wet conditions.  Maintenance of the landfill’s compacted clay intermediate cap continues to be monitored, maintained and inspected daily.  SBI continue to liaise with EPA on all aspects of compliance.  SBI appreciate and value the ongoing feedback from the community.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 23rd June 2023

Rain received onsite this week, as reported by the Bureau of Meteorology, was in the order of 25 mm.  It is this rain that persisted over several days that resulted in the formation of runnels in the southern slope of the landfill cell, causing breakthroughs of the compacted clay intermediate cover, which is in excess of 500 mm in thickness.  The rain followed by CALM atmospheric conditions, provided optimal parameters for the offsite migration of hydrogen sulfide to the south of the site.  Immediate rectification of the cap was hindered by the unsafe conditions to mobilise plant on the soft surface.  SBI are making every effort to the complete works.  Your continuous feedback through this process is greatly appreciated.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 16th June 2023

This week past saw SBI continuing to monitor, measure and record data on and offsite.  The three (3) hydrogen sulfide (H2S) parts per billion (ppb) monitors continue to be operational on the northern, southern, and western boundaries of the site, with negligible detections recorded.  SBI will continue to have the monitors in place for the foreseeable future.  Operation of the flare remains limited to favourable dispersion conditions, and the leachate storage headspace extraction and treatment remains operational day and night.  Community reports received via EPA with increased descriptors of the reported odour, is greatly informative and continues to inform and assess our landfill gas management processes, and we again encourage continued community feedback.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 9th June 2023

SBI continue to run hydrogen sulfide parts per billion (ppb) monitors on the north, south and western boundaries of the site, with negligible detections captured by the monitors, reflecting the positive outcomes from the LFG flare operational protocol adopted by SBI as well as the continuous operation of the treatment of the gas extracted from the leachate storage tank headspace.  Feedback from the community corresponds with these outcomes. To this end, SBI once again encourage the community feedback to maintain records of the decreased offsite odour reports.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 2nd June 2023

Operation of the flare only during favourable dispersion conditions and the leachate storage tank headspace, extraction and filtering through a carbon bed, continued this week.  Focus has been on wet weather conditions, with regard to onsite driving conditions and speed, the use of the re-aligned wheelwash, street sweeper and mechanical broom on the skid steer to prevent debris tracked offsite. Ongoing engagement with EPA continues.  Feedback from the community continues to inform the operational status of the site, and we thank the community for this input.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 26th May 2023

The wet weather this week has kept focus on tyre tracked debris. Continuous maintenance on internal haul roads, increased use of the street sweeper and mechanical broom and realignment of the wheel-wash to allow for a more efficient line of approach, have been implemented as required. The flare operation protocol and leachate storage tank headspace extraction and treatment continue as previous.  Engagement with EPA is ongoing and community feedback still adds to the assessment of our proposed approach going forward.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 19th May 2023

This week, SBI progressed with the following:
  • Initiation of the smart site technology setup, in due course, removing the need for manual data capture and entry .
  • Placed an order for a mechanical broom attachment on an SBI plant– to supplement the street sweeper usage.
  • Focus on internal haul road maintenance, reducing the surface debris tracked onto Ballarto Road.
  • Continued engagement with EPA on various items, with EPA’s last site visit on Friday 12th May 2023.
We continue to value the input and feedback from the community as it continues to inform our current and proposed works.

Update from SBI Group – Monday 15th May 2023

Week ending Friday 12th May 2023:
  • The flare shutdowns when atmospheric conditions are not favourable for dispersion continue.
  • Monitoring of the upgraded extraction system on the leachate storage tank headspace continues.
  • EPA attended site on Friday 12th May 2023, as part of their fortnightly scheduled visits, with focus on dust.
  • With the rains experienced recently – further efforts have been made to keep Ballarto Road entrance free of debris.
We continue to value the input and feedback from you, the community, as it continues to inform our current and proposed works.  Your comments received directly through our website, under “CONTACT”, will enable us to respond in a timelier manner, as we are still experiencing time delays through the EPA route.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 5th May 2023

We ended the week with the following:
  • Tuesday 2nd May – CCC Meeting.
  • Upgraded the blower/vacuum on the leachate storage tank headspace to counteract the temperature drop and pressure inversion in the early morning hours.
  • Focussed on NHVR over weight limits and NHVR site visit to upskill staff.
  • Ongoing EPA site visits, information sharing and engagement.
  • Increased use of water cart and street sweeper, and planned wheel wash modifications.
We again thank the input/feedback from the community as it continues to inform our current and proposed works.

Update from SBI Group – Monday 1st May 2023

SBI have reviewed the reports from the community received via EPA over the weekend and this morning, relating to odour.  SBI have determined the extraction on the headspace of the leachate storage tank to be insufficient when temperature and pressure inversions occur overnight.  To this end, a larger capacity blower was delivered to site last week and the electrician scheduled for installation this week.  We will continue to update the community with our progress, and again thank the community for their feedback which is used to step through this iterative process.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 28th April 2023

An update on works from the week past includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • Flare shutdown protocol will continue in poor dispersion conditions.
  • Leachate storage thank headspace is being extracted and drawn through a treatment train to drop out the H2S that is the possible cause of the offsite odour.
  • EPA conducted another site visit today, Friday 28th April 2023.
  • SBI continue to engage and keep EPA updated with works scheduled and in progress.
We continue to value the input/feedback from the community as it is used continuously in the analysis and review of current and proposed works.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 21st April 2023

SBI continue to sample, analyse and monitor for landfill gas and hydrogen sulphide on the landfill cell, on the perimeter of the site and offsite.  Modifications to the current flare configurations have stopped, with the management of the operational times directly related to atmospheric conditions both forecast and actual, recorded by the onsite weather station.  All new data, as listed above with the addition of community reports are being interrogated to assess the success of the current management measures.  To this end, we continue to thank the community for their feedback as it is all used to inform implemented measures.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 14th April 2023

As at Friday 14th April 2023 SBI inform the community of the following from the week past:
  • Easter weekend flare shutdown protocol followed with daily email updates to EPA;
  • Leachate storage tank identified as a potential offsite odour source, implementation of a treatment train has commenced and expected to be complete end next week;
  • EPA visit on Tuesday 11th April 2023 – Acting South Metro Regional Manager in attendance;
  • SBI continue to engage and keep EPA updated with works in progress and in plan.
SBI acknowledge and value the community’s input which continues to add to the pool of data used to inform the next steps.

Update from SBI Group – Thursday 6th April 2023

SBI have submitted to EPA, on Wednesday, 05/04/2023, the Easter Long Weekend Protocol for the LFG flare.  As a summary for the benefit of the community, SBI have in place the following:
  • Easter protocol commenced Wednesday, 05/04/2023 20:00 and is planned till Tuesday, 11/04/2023 08:00
  • The LFG flare will only be operational during daylight hours.
  • Remote access has been made available to Hemla Reddy of SBI by Run Energy.
  • After hours on-call persons have been designated for Run Energy, and SBI (Hemla Reddy).
  • Atmospheric conditions, BOM forecast, onsite weather station and onsite observations of the micro-climate around the flare will inform the flare’s operational parameters to capitalize on optimal dispersion conditions.
  • Remote access to the flare, weather station, H2S ppb monitors x 3 and CCTV real-time footage are all available to SBI.
  • The LFG extraction wells in the landfill cell identified with the highest H2S concentrations remain shut – minimising the H2S into the flare.
SBI again, thank the community for their reports through EPA, as this remains a data source to further inform the responses to modifications implemented onsite. We wish the community well over the holiday weekend.

Update from SBI Group – Sunday 2nd April 2023

In response to the spike of EPA reports from the community generally north of the site over the weekend, SBI attended site after midday today and coincidentally met with EPA who were stationed outside the gate on Ballarto Road. Inviting EPA onto site, discussions were had around the flare parameters, atmospheric conditions experienced and forecast. As a corrective measure, SBI reduced the flow of LFG into the flare, with EPA present – under the reasoning of less in less out, maintaining sufficient control of the LFG within the landfill cell. After a measure of time, SBI and EPA walked downwind onsite, where odour could still be detected. Once outside the SBI site, the odour was subtle and transient with the varying wind directions. SBI requested to accompany EPA on their re-visit to the community for repeat odour observations, where detections by this Officer were made prior to EPA attending SBI. Two locations were surveyed, with no landfill odour being detected in the light, variable winds. Calm atmospheric conditions present optimal gas migration. To that end SBI will, during the forecasted calm atmospheric conditions over the next few days, with special attention overnight, shut down the LFG extraction and flaring system. Works this week were scheduled already for further testing and analysis, as well as the installation of horizontal LFG extraction trenches within the landfill cell. SBI continue to liaise with EPA, industry and academic experts to better understand and manage this unheard-of LFG composition. Your patience and co-operation are greatly appreciated.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 31st March 2023

This week SBI have in progress and/or completed the following:
  • In agreement with Run Energy swapped from the double shroud to single shroud burner;
  • Continue to monitor the hydrogen sulphide in the LFG field and at the flare inlet;
  • Internally reviewing and fine tuning the long-term solution with regard to inline hydrogen scrubbers and the enclosed flare; and
  • Increased the use of the street sweeper from the site driveway, onto the sealed section of Ballarto Road and grader on unsealed onsite roads, after the rain received onsite.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 24th March 2023

This week SBI achieved the following with regard to progress on the LFG management system:
  • Hosted Organics UK (flare manufacturer) onsite;
  • Established that a modular H2S scrubber setup would be a most efficient method to expedite delivery to SBI; and
  • Adjusted the LFG field to maximise on methane and minimise hydrogen sulphide into the flare inlet.
SBI await the final proposal to be issued today, Friday, 24/03/2023.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 17th March 2023

Over the last two weeks SBI have been sampling and analysing LFG concentrations at the flare inlet.  The closing and opening of individual landfill gas extraction wells has reduced the average H2S concentration at the flare inlet. SBI continue, with the advice and engagement of industry and academia experts, to vary LFG parameters in an attempt to further improve conditions in the time it takes to get the permanent solution comissioned.  We once again thank the community for their feedback – this data is being used to better understand and inform our next steps.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 10th March 2023

This week several of the LFG extraction wells were closed – allowing a lesser mass of H2S into the flare – and there has been a noticeable decrease in H2S detections by the onsite H2S ppb monitoring units.  As such, these wells will remain closed.  Odour monitoring on and offsite continues, as well as further sampling and analysis of the gas field and flare inlet to inform more adjustments.  SBI continue to welcome feedback both negative and positive to feed into our greater pool of information.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 3rd March 2023

Modifications to the flare this week, in accordance with industry expert and SBI calculations, has resulted in higher stack temperatures which aids in greater hydrogen sulphide destruction.  However, the nature of the open flare still allows for wind stripping and hence the odour detected in the community.  SBI continue to tweak various flare and gas field parameters to get the best result possible given the setup currently in place.  SBI are juggling immediate, short, medium and long term options to reduce the migration of odour beyond our premises boundary and acknowledge and appreciate the reports from the community, that provide detailed descriptions of detections, as these are being used to further inform the modifications.  SBI again thank you for your patience and engagement.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 24th February 2023

The continuous pilot is being upgraded to a permanent setup as the continuity of an ignition source has proven beneficial.  We are currently waiting on certification of the gas hookup by Energy Safe Victoria. Further modifications in line with industry experts will be carried out in the week to come, which is intended to address the gas migration during calm atmospheric conditions experienced overnight.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 17th February 2023

The commencement of the continuous pilot last week proved successful in maintaining a burn more resilient to wind gusts. However, odour migration did occur when atmospheric conditions were favourable to gas movement.  To this end, SBI and GasCo are in trouble-shooting mode to continue working on this flare being modified for improved results.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 10th February 2023

This week SBI called a workshop with the experts, both technical and academic.  Several items were agreed upon as immediate actions that could potentially improve the performance of the current flare configuration.  These were implemented this week.  The next level modifications/additions will be designed by manufacturers and fabricated as a priority.  The performance of these measures will be gauged and included in the design of the fully enclosed flare to reduce the iterative process during its commissioning.  SBI will continue to provide feedback and updates on a regular basis.

Update from SBI Group – Tuesday 31st January 2023

Today, Tuesday 31 January 2023, the permanent flare underwent essential works and had to be shutdown from 11am for approximately 2 hours.  Works have been successfully completed and the flare is again operational.  Thank you for continued feedback and patience.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 27th January 2023

SBI are acutely aware of the reports from the community over the recent period.  Technical issues and CALM conditions, particularly overnight and through to the early morning, have made for optimal gas migration conditions.  SBI have been working with EPA, who have been onsite this week and last, to troubleshoot various scenarios.  Continued efforts from SBI and Run Energy are vigilant as ever, with afterhours support through weekends and public holidays.  SBI are exasperated that once again the community are being negatively impacted and want to reiterate that we are exploring all means, and this remains a priority.

Update from SBI Group – Monday 23rd January 2023 (Flare Status)

As at 3:00pm today, Monday 23rd January 2023, Run Energy confirmed the flare status as operational.

Update from SBI Group – Monday 23rd January 2023

Technical issues with the flare, coupled with calm conditions (as reported by BOM) has resulted in an increase of reports from the community to EPA. Run Energy and SBI tried all weekend to resolve the issue both onsite and remotely.  Sunday afternoon saw Run Energy identify the problem as a failed thermos-couple.  SBI were tracking reports over the weekend and contacted EPA on Sunday, requesting their onsite presence today, Monday, 23rd January 2023. SBI and EPA reviewed the report numbers and distribution, as well as the flare which was being worked on by Run Energy.  SBI have been informed by Run Energy that the flare will be operational today.  We will update both the community and EPA as soon as that occurs.  SBI, apologise for the inconvenience experienced over the weekend, and re-iterate that the management of landfill gas remains as one of our top priorities.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 20th January 2023

Shutdowns this week are attributed to the raising of the existing LFG extraction network. Balancing of the gas field post works will allow Run Energy to control flow from individual extraction wells to manage the low-quality landfill gas into the flare. Additions to the windbreak (ie stacked shipping containers) by forming arches/wraparound on either side are being proposed to extend the deflection of the predominant winds from the south-southeast from coming back onto the flare.

Update from SBI Group – Thursday 12th January 2023

Works related to the regular maintenance and extension of the existing landfill gas and infrastructure has been drawn-out into next week. The recent intermittent flare shutdowns have been attributed to a breach in the landfill gas system – this was rectified by Run Energy today, Thursday 12th January 2023. A permanent and more robust windbreak, consisting of two shipping containers stacked one on top of each other, has been put into place in an attempt to deflect the predominant winds coming from the south/southeast. Run Energy and SBI continue to monitor the flare performance closely and resolve issues in as timely a manner as practical. SBI appreciate the patience from the community.

Update from SBI Group – Friday 6th January 2023

From today, Friday 6th January 2023, through to early next week, Run Energy are onsite completing scheduled works related to the regular maintenance and extension of the existing landfill gas and leachate infrastructure. For these works to be completed safely, the flare must be non-operational. SBI advise that each day prior to the close of business, after Run Energy works have been completed for the day, the flare will be re-ignited for continuous operation through the night and weekend. We apologise for any inconvenience experienced as a result of these necessary works.

Update from SBI GroupTuesday 3rd January 2023

Fine tuning of the new burner continued into the new year, with SBI and Run Energy attending site multiple times. Several intermittent shutdowns occurred due to both technical difficulties and extreme upset winds. Troubleshooting by Run Energy has seen the flare uninterrupted since midday yesterday. SBI continue to explore options to permanently engineer out the negative effect of wind on the flare and will continue to update the community accordingly.

Update from SBI GroupFriday 30th December 2022

Prior to site closure for the holiday period, SBI implemented temporary measures in an attempt to reduce the effect of gusty conditions on the flare. On Wednesday 28th December 2022, Run Energy replaced the burner on the flare with a modified version which allows for more control over the inflow of LFG and air, to better sustain operations give the low quality of the LFG. Fine tuning of the new burner continued on Thursday 29th December 2022 with improved performance. Run Energy and SBI continue to work together with remote and onsite restarts. Close monitoring of the new burner will continue on a day and night basis, regardless of the public holidays still to come. SBI apologises for the inconvenience over the holidays to date. We would like to reiterate that complete resolution of this situation remains our number one priority, and we thank you for your patience and continued cooperation. SBI looks towards 2023 to close out this issue as early in the new year as possible.

Update from SBI GroupFriday 23rd December 2022

SBI will be closed for business from today, Friday 23rd December 2022, 3pm and will re-open on Tuesday 3rd January 2023. During this closure period – a skeleton crew will be accessible to keep the long operating plant continuously operational, example pumps.  SBI have a fulltime caretaker onsite through this period.   In addition, the Landfill and Environmental Manager, Hemla Reddy will be on call across the public and non-public days. In an effort to shield the flare in gusty conditions – SBI have fabricated temporary mobile wind breaks to be located in the predominant wind directions.  The scheduled burner swap had to be postponed due to manufacturer delays, and has been rescheduled for Wednesday, 28th December 2022.  Run Energy will have continuous remote and onsite coverage (as required), over the public holidays and closure period. SBI would like to assure the community that all measures practicable are being implemented to mitigate the risk of odour migrating offsite over this period. SBI would like to take this opportunity to wish the community a safe and joyful festive season.

Update from SBI GroupTuesday 13th December 2022

The gusty meteorological conditions experienced on site this weekend, once again, saw repeat flare shutdowns.  Run Energy had minimal success with the remote re-starts due to these turbulent winds. The next step, which is already in motion, is the modification of the original flare stack to be more protected in gusty conditions.  Run Energy report that all necessary parts required are with their manufacturing company and this modification is currently in progress.  Installation and preliminary testing of the modified stack is anticipated to be before Christmas 2022. SBI would also like to inform the Community that we are in the process of placing an order for the purchase of a fully enclosed flare – we have been advised that lead times are in excess of 12 months. As such, SBI remain committed to immediate solutions that will reduce the impact on the Community, until receiving an enclosed flare onsite. In response to EPA’s notification directly to SBI, and the subsequent website update (dated 12/12/2022), that the H2S (measured in parts per million) loggers located on Ballarto Road and Settlers Run Golf Course are to be re-deployed to service Victoria’s fire season – SBI have booked TWO H2S ppb (parts per billion) loggers.  SBI are working with the manufacturer to have them installed in representative locations before Christmas 2022. SBI again apologise for the inconvenience of the situation and assure the Community that we are exploring and implementing all options available to us in line with expert advise.

Update from SBI GroupTuesday 6th December 2022

Last weekend saw gusty winds experienced onsite. The flare, which is located in a very open and exposed location, is still negatively impacted by these strong gusts. As a result, this saw the return of intermittent shutdowns, with remote restarts by Run Energy. Ongoing monitoring was conducted around the clock over Saturday and Sunday. The numerous modifications by Run Energy to the internal infrastructure of the burner have proved insufficient in high winds. As such, Run Energy and SBI are working together to trial several macro alternate solutions which will be tested to determine the best course of action with site specific conditions. These possible options may include (but are not limited to) relocation of the flare’s site position, construction of wind breaks around the flare, supplementing with LPG to increase the gas quality and fully enclosing the flare. That said, these options all come with their own benefits and complexities. Consideration must be given to the surrounds, OHS, overhead clearance, visibility, traffic management, protection of native bush land and several other factors. Once again, we regrettably ask for the community’s patience while these options are workshopped. We acknowledge the frustration of this situation and endeavour for a speedy long-term fix. We draw the community’s attention to the long-term engagement of suitably qualified personnel who have been conducting odour surveys, in compliance with EPA guidelines, in the community on a regular basis over the course of the last several months. This morning’s monitoring survey reported no offsite landfill-related odour downwind of the site. These surveys will continue for the foreseeable future. SBI thank the community for their continued reporting of odour related issues. The comprehensive data collected by EPA is used to guide planning and implementation methods.

Update from SBI GroupWednesday 30th November 2022

Climatic conditions experienced overnight, as reported by the BOM Frankston/Ballam weather station, were calm with no detectable wind. Whilst the permanent flare was operational consistently from 5am on the morning of Tuesday 29th November 2022, the lack of atmospheric air movement prohibits the dispersion of any gas or odour. Prior to extraction, landfill gas was accumulated within the waste mass. A significant volume of the gas remained within the landfill cell. While the volume is still high, due to the infancy of the flare, calm conditions reduce the atmospheric pressures which allows for the emission of gases lighter than ambient air to escape from the subsurface. As we continue to draw out the gases, the volume within the mass lowers, and has an inverse effect on the external impact of odour. Over time this impact will continue to progressively reduce.

Update from SBI GroupMonday 28th November 2022

After the modifications were completed on Friday, the permanent flare, though fewer than previously experienced, had a small number of shutdowns. Remote and onsite restarting proved successful. Run Energy are on site this morning adjusting the air plates at the base of the burner, with the intent to better control the LFG/air mix which should sustain a more robust flare.

Update from SBI GroupThursday 24th November 2022

The wire mesh sleeve installed this Monday proved less than optimal in its operation. Due to this subpar performance Run Energy have removed the sleeve on Wednesday 23rd November 2022 and flare operation has remained stable. This stability is likely due to the calmer weather experienced over the last two days in contrast to the upset weather conditions of the weekend past. Run Energy have scheduled down time tomorrow, Friday 25th November 2022, to install a smaller sleeve over the gas jet within the burner with the intention of assisting with the wind turbulence experienced in the burner. We anticipate the flare to be reinstated and ignited before close of business tomorrow and SBI with Run Energy will continue to monitor the flare performance over the weekend, remote starting the flare should it become necessary. SBI will provide an update on the modification to the burner and the performance over the weekend on Monday.

Update from SBI GroupMonday 21st November 2022

Close monitoring of the flare with its new burner over the weekend reported initial success through gusty weather experienced on site on Saturday. However, the increase of the extreme inclement weather on Sunday saw intermittent shutdowns. After reviewing the new burner’s performance over the weekend, Run Energy are installing a wire mesh inner sleeve within the burner configuration as well as minor modifications intended to interrupt the wind swirl within the burner which has impacted negatively on the consistency of the ignition. While all these numerous modifications may be seen as problematic, we note that any new plant installation goes through a commissioning phase which will always include infrastructure modifications to suit site specific conditions and optimise performance. SBI regret any inconvenience caused as a result of this commissioning phase and will continue to keep the community updated on our progress.

Update from SBI GroupFriday 18th November 2022

Due to the complexity of the logistics around a three-party swap of operating flares, the plan to swap back to the temporary flare has been postponed. The plan to return the temporary flare remains in place. While Run Energy continue to liaise with the other two parties, they have fabricated a new burner head for our existing permanent flare. This burner is a more robust design with the purpose of weathering extreme wind turbulence experienced within the original burner configuration. The new burner was installed on Thursday 17th November 2022 and reignited late that same day. Overnight monitoring reported the continuous operation of the flare since late yesterday afternoon through to this morning. Close monitoring of the new burner performance will continue through the entirety of the weekend. This new burner maintains the capability of remote restart, should this be necessary. SBI will update the community on Monday as to the flare’s performance over the weekend. Again, we thank you for your patience and apologise for any disruption experienced as a result.

Update from SBI GroupFriday 11th November 2022

As a result of the ongoing intermittent shut downs with the permanent flare experienced to date, SBI and Run Energy have been working in the background to secure the return of the original temp flare. The temporary flare’s original performance exceeded the current permanent flares, and we feel there would be better ongoing success by getting the original reinstated. The flare configuration of the temporary unit differs from the permanent flare and may prove more robust to our localised conditions given its previous operational success on site. The change over is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday of next week. The installation has been configured so down time of the flare is as minimal as practical. Once complete, SBI will continue to provide updates as to the ongoing success from the changeover.

Update from SBI GroupTuesday 8th November 2022

The optimal performance of the flare has been inhibited by lower methane concentrations, the cause of which has been identified as the pooling of LFG condensate within the conveyance pipe that leads to the flare. This was the result of settlement of the conveyance pipe within the cell. After identification of the issue, the conveyance pipe has been lifted to allow condensate to gravity feed back to the existing Barrow/J-Trap, which allows for the condensate to drain back into the lined cell and LFG to be more efficiently conveyed through the extraction system as designed. These works were completed today while the flare was temporarily shut down. On completion the flare was restarted and remains operational at a marginally higher methane concentration. Run Energy and SBI will continue to monitor the performance of the LFG extraction infrastructure.

Update from SBI GroupFriday 4th November 2022

Run Energy have worked through several modifications on the permanent flare with varying success. Yesterday afternoon saw the completion of this round of modifications to the flare which reduced the intermittent temporary shut downs overnight to one event. Run Energy restarted the flare remotely and it has remained ignited to present. Close monitoring by Run Energy and SBI shall continue over the weekend with focus on inclement weather forecast towards the end of next week.

Update from SBI GroupThursday 27th October 2022

Work related to the commissioning of the permanent flare continues with the addition of a stainless steel skirt at the base of the flare as intermittent shut downs persist.  This skirt has been custom designed by Run Energy for our site conditions to further reduce the impact we have experienced from wind turbulence. We continue to update the EPA on the progress and are working together to ensure optimal performance.

Update from SBI GroupWednesday 26th October 2022

In response to the intermittent shut downs, Run Energy have been successfully restarting the flare remotely, however issues persist. While we initially attributed these to low methane concentrations from the 6 additional extraction bores, testing this week of individual bores reported sufficient methane concentrations. High winds experienced on site was then thought to be the cause of the shut downs. As such, an inner funnel was fabricated and installed late yesterday afternoon to combat the suspected adverse wind circulation coursing through the infrastructure. This has allowed for the successful restarting and continuous operation of the flare. Through the early hours of this morning, intermittent shut downs were once again experienced. Run Energy have again been remotely restarting the flare, which is currently operational. SBI and Run Energy continue to test and configure the parameters of the system. We continue to prioritise the successful extraction and flaring of the landfill gas. We appreciate your patience while we navigate the variables to achieve optimal performance.

Update from SBI GroupMonday 24th October 2022

The 6 additional extraction landfill gas bores were connected to the existing extraction network late last week.  Over the course of this weekend a drop in the methane concentration has been triggering the temporary shutdown of the flare. Run Energy has been successfully able to remotely restart the flare however the lower methane concentration continues to cause the flare to be shut down for small periods of time. SBI and Run Energy have today been workshopping options to overcome the lower concentration issue and confirm that the successful extraction and flaring of the landfill gas remains a top priority and we are continuing our efforts to overcome the technical hurdles.

Update from SBI GroupFriday 21st October 2022

On Thursday 20th October 2022 VCAT determined, having regard to the submissions and evidence of all parties, to stay the operation of the decision of EPA to suspend Operating Licence OL000220551, pending the final determination of the merits proceeding, or by further order of the Tribunal. To this end, SBI will recommence the acceptance of solid inert waste to landfill from Monday 24th October 2022 in line with Operating Licence OL000220551.

Update from SBI GroupMonday 17th October 2022

Whilst we transition from the temporary to permanent landfill gas extraction system, we have just been informed by Run Energy, that the new electronic landfill gas management system has encountered a glitch. Whilst the system automatically shuts down and seals, preventing passive venting of landfill gas to atmosphere, active extraction and flaring is not possible until technicians attend. We wish to advise that some odour may be detected in the area, until the issue is resolved.  We assure the community that this is a minor problem and rectification thereof is our highest priority.

Update from SBI GroupTuesday 4th October 2022

SBI received notification from the EPA yesterday that following the submitted response to the Notice of Intent on 13 September, they have decided to suspend the site’s landfill operating license. This means both landfilling activities and the waste transfer station onsite are now closed. Whilst extremely disappointed with the decision, SBI continue to liaise closely with the EPA to address current issues, including preparing responses to the outstanding improvement notices.

Update from SBI GroupFriday 30th September 2022

As part of ongoing works to calibrate and maximize performance of the landfill gas extraction system, additional wells will be drilled into the landfill cell to increase efficiency and capacity of the system. This will be undertaken during the week commencing Monday 3 October 2022. Nearby residents may notice additional odour from the landfill during business hours. Once complete these works will improve the performance of the landfill gas collection system, and management of landfill odour. 

Update from SBI GroupFriday 16th September 2022

With the onsite landfill gas extraction system now installed and operating, SBI have recommenced landfilling activities onsite this week.

Update from SBI GroupThursday 15th September 2022

The new flare for the onsite landfill gas extraction system was installed on Tuesday 13th September. This means the landfill gas extraction system can start drawing out and burning off (flaring) odourous landfill gas before it enters the atmosphere. A team of technicians are onsite busy calibrating and balancing the flare to ensure it performs at optimal efficiency. This will be continually monitored and adjusted over the coming days.

Update from SBI GroupTuesday 30th August 2022

Reminder – there will be a community session run by EPA this afternoon (Tuesday 30 August, 4.30pm-6pm) focused on the regulatory response to the odour issue at the Mayone-Bulluk Family and Community Centre 66 Bradman Drive, Cranbourne West. Given the focus on regulatory response, EPA have not requested SBI attend this event.

Update from SBI GroupMonday 29th August 2022

Following a site inspection by EPA late last week and compliance with the appointment of an onsite environmental manager, EPA have now lifted the prohibition notice that was in place, meaning the site can now recommence accepting landfill. SBI remain focused on improving odour conditions onsite, and therefore will not reopen the facility until we have undertaken further works planned for this week. Trialing and testing of the landfill gas extraction system continues. While this work is underway, SBI are working to obtain the necessary approvals for the gas flaring system to ensure it is up and running as quickly as possible. Thanks to the community for your ongoing patience. If you have any questions about the installed landfill gas extraction system, please contact info@sbigroup.com.au or browse our FAQ’s.

Update from SBI GroupFriday 12th August 2022

On Wednesday 10 August, 2022 SBI received a prohibition notice from EPA preventing the landfill from accepting further waste onsite. The landfill remains closed and the transfer station is not in operation. In addition to the specialists engaged to install the landfill gas extraction system, SBI has appointed a full time qualified Environmental Manager specialising in landfills, as required in the notice. Installation of a new landfill gas extraction system was completed last week, allowing for testing to be undertaken this week. Preliminary results indicate that flaring is likely to be the most effective means to address the odour. Currently, SBI are working to obtain all necessary permitting approvals to activate use of a flare. We apologise to the Cranbourne community and are committed to resolving this issue as quickly as possible.

Update from SBI GroupWednesday 3rd August 2022

The framework for the new landfill gas extraction system has now been installed and system testing will commence on Thursday 4 August and Friday 5 August. The process of testing could possibly release some odour into the atmosphere. Testing will be undertaken in the middle of the day when weather conditions are optimal for dispersion, however surrounding communities may experience some odour.

Update from SBI GroupTuesday 2nd August 2022

Works continue onsite to install the new landfill gas extraction and treatment system, with the final wells for this system being drilled this week. These works have generated some additional odour in surrounding communities in recent days. Once installed, the system will be tested and calibrated before being commissioned. Thank you to everyone we spoke to on Friday and Saturday at the community information sessions. We have collated all questions received and have published answers to each here. Nominations for the Community Consultative Committee close on Friday 5 August. If you would like a nomination form please email info@sbigroup.com.au. We hope to hold the first meeting as soon as possible.

Update from SBI GroupFriday 22nd July 2022

Experts will be onsite at SBI Landfill from next week installing additional systems to capture, extract, and treat odour generated onsite. This work involves drilling gas wells into the existing landfill. SBI will deploy onsite odour suppressants and works will be timed to minimize the potential for odour impacts on the community, however surrounding communities may detect increased odour from the landfill between Monday 25 July and Wednesday 3 August while these works are underway. These improvements to the onsite landfill gas extraction system are needed to meet the requirements of the Environment Protection Authority’s Improvement Notice.

Update from SBI GroupThursday 21st July 2022

We have now concluded trucking the stagnant water offsite. Suction trucks continue to actively remove excess storm water to prevent any further pooling. We are also undertaking further measures to improve onsite landfill gas management. This process includes implementing additional systems to capture, extract, and treat odour via our onsite gas collection systems. We have engaged experts to provide system recommendations and will make the necessary changes to address the Environment Protection Authority’s Improvement Notice. We will provide further information as we progress with this process.

Expressions of Interest now open for Community Consultative Committee

Going forward, SBI are planning to re-form a Community Consultative Committee providing a forum for discussion between the community, SBI and other stakeholders on issues relating to the landfill’s operations, and to act as a conduit to keep the community informed of activities at the landfill. If you would like to nominate yourself for this Committee, please email info@sbigroup.com.au by 5pm Friday 5 August.

Update from SBI GroupMonday 11th July 2022

SBI continues work to address odour issues at the landfill site in Cranbourne. Trucking of stagnant water offsite has been ongoing and should be concluded this week. Neutralising agents are being applied to the water and air in the immediate area while these works are underway. The combination of these activities should result in the dissipation of odour in the coming days. We are in close contact with and continue to comply with all directions of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). We thank the community for reporting odour to EPA as this data, along with weather and onsite monitoring, are assisting with our understanding of the impacts to our local communities. We sincerely apologise to our neighbours for the inconvenience this has caused. SBI has been part of the local community for over 30 years – we are employing all mitigations to address the issue and will not rest until it is fully resolved.

Update from SBI GroupThursday 7th July 2022

Progress has been made on the removal of stagnant water which has been the source of recent odour we have been working diligently to address. Thank you to the community that has reached out to us and provided feedback. Based on these recent queries we have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions addressing the odour and the processes we have undertaken to resolve it.

SBI Landfill Cranbourne  – Frequently Asked Questions

What does SBI do? SBI Group Cranbourne operates a solid inert waste landfill licensed to accept waste that cannot be further recycled including construction, demolition, commercial and industrial wastes. How is this inert waste managed? Waste is placed in purposefully engineered cells that are created meeting the Best Practice Environmental Management standards required by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). To ensure waste stays in place, daily cover is applied and compacted using heavy machinery. Any liquid generated from the waste is captured, pumped to a holding tank and transported off site. What has happened to cause the odour at the SBI landfill? Unfortunately SBI Group’s Cranbourne landfill has been releasing increased odour in recent weeks, which escalated late last week. A pool of water had collected and remained stagnant after a high amount of rainfall. This water would normally have migrated into the dedicated groundwater collection system, however due to the high amount of rainfall the system was overrun with silt and did not allow the water to escape. What is being done to resolve the issue? SBI Group have been working tirelessly to resolve the issue. We are in close contact with the EPA as we work to address this issue. A range of measures deployed onsite to treat, remove and mitigate the odour over a number of days have been implemented and unfortunately have been unsuccessful in completely removing odour. In order to expedite removal of the odour, we have been trucking the stagnant water offsite since last Friday afternoon, and hope to complete this operation in the next week. While this process is underway we are applying additional measures including:
  • The application of a neutralising spray to help mitigate odour in the immediate area
  •  An odour neutralising solution is being added to the remaining stagnant water while we continue to remove it from site.
Why am I still smelling the odour? Though measures to remove the source of odour have been successful, unfortunately due to limited wind and the presence of temperature inversions overnight, remnant odour has continued to impact surrounding communities. How long will this last? With the odour source being removed from site, we expect that with changed weather conditions the issue will significantly dissipate in the coming days. We sincerely apologise to our neighbours for the inconvenience this has caused.

Statement from SBI GroupTuesday 5th July 2022

Unfortunately SBI Group’s Cranbourne landfill has been releasing increased odour in recent weeks, which has escalated late last week. The recent odour issue has been caused by stagnant water generated from a water pond in the former quarry void onsite. Due to prevailing winds this has had particular impact on neighbouring communities. We have been working closely with the EPA to resolve this issue, but unfortunately attempts to treat the water onsite have been unsuccessful, and as a result we have been trucking this stagnant water offsite since Friday afternoon. This along with a number of other efforts has assisted to reduce the odour, however air inversions overnight has meant nearby communities are still experiencing odour. We sincerely apologise to our neighbours for the inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your patience while we address this issue.